Ways To Make The Shift To A Senior Citizen Care Facility Less Stressful

Moving into a senior living facility in White Bear Lake or anywhere else in the country shouldn’t be thought of as a loss of independence, freedom, or a reason to stop doing the activities and hobbies that are enjoyed. Instead, when someone becomes a resident in a senior care facility, they have the opportunity to experience the companionship of other residents and easy access to try new activities and learn new skills. A facility's program offering can be one of the main criteria for residents when they are looking at moving into a senior living community. Offering a plethora of excursions and activities will keep residents healthy and happy.

Activities offered can fall into one of the main categories listed below:

1. Arts and Crafts

2. Cooking

3. Games

4. Outdoor Activities

5. Health and Fitness

6. Continuous Learning

Arts and Crafts

Teaching art and crafts activities is probably one of the most obvious and frequently used programming for seniors, but there is no reason to continuously cycle through the typical projects, such as sewing and paper mache. Seniors are curious and willing to learn about other art forms, such as sculpture, multimedia, and computer programming based projects. Art projects using computer software can be especially beneficial for residents suffering from decreased mobility in their hands.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking is usually thought of as a solitary endeavor, but cooking with friends makes it that much more fun. Have residents make a meal together, with each person or small group responsible for a portion of the meal. Staff can be on hand to assist with measurements and kitchen equipment. At the end of the cooking and baking extravaganza, the chefs can enjoy a delicious meal together. Another way to involve residents in cooking and baking activities is to let them decide what they want to make for the meal. Incorporating a theme, like soul food or food typical for visit the season, gives the cooks the ability to make food they actually want to eat or haven’t enjoyed recently, increasing their engagement in the overall process.


Another mainstay at most senior living communities are games. Again, puzzles, Bingo, and Scrabble don’t have to be the only games in rotation. Thinking outside of the box and incorporating offbeat games will increase the resident’s interest and involvement. One idea for a special game night can be a casino themed games. There are even companies that provide dealers and tables to make the experience authentic. Fake money can be used, so there is no need for residents to feel pressure or that they aren’t good enough players to participate.

Outdoor Activities

Being outside provides amazing health benefits, and facilities should encourage their residents to get outside frequently. look at this site During warmer months, croquet, bocce ball, shuffleboard, and other lower impact games can be played outside. Many of these courts can be easily constructed on the premises. It can be a great volunteer activity to have a local volunteer organization come to the facility and install these necessary equipment for these games.

Continuous Learning

Keeping the brain active is imperative to increased levels of happiness and helpful in slowing the progress of dementia related diseases. Facilities should consider bringing in guest speakers and educators to teach residents basic skills in a new language, musical instrument, using technology, or other areas that residents have expressed interest in learning about.

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